About Tic Movers Kenya. Relaible Movers in Nairobi Kenya

Tic Movers is a registered moving company in Nairobi Kenya providing home and commercial moving services and storage and warehousing services. Our goal is to provide professional, fast, and the most affordable moving services in Nairobi Kenya. We know relocating can be a huge hassle. Especially when dealing with the awful heat & traffic, not to mention all the planning, packing, and labor that comes with moving.

Reason to Choose Tic Movers

Our greatest strength is our technical team and our special packing material providing you the best protection for all items being moved. For years we have gained experience that enable us to serve you with excellence. We also have the most efficient handling equipment. Coordination Choosing TIC movers is a guarantee that your project will be managed efficiently and that any errors that can possibly lead to an increase in costs and disrupt your business, will be avoided. We take care of your office move, allowing you to focus on your core business.

EFFICIENCY We make sure that everything in place to minimise the disruption of business productivity during your office move. To increase our efficiency, we label all boxes and items on site to allow our teams to quickly identify what is being transported and where it has to be placed. Communication our staffs are fully trained on every aspect of the office move. One thing that has brought us this great success is our listening hear, we respond to our customers immediately and act accordingly. We are the company that you can trust.

Packing and unpacking
Our well trained movers will park your assets professionally and they will also help you arrange your new home or office at no cost. Give us a call to day and experience our touch.